Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combo Skin

Generally speaking, in my makeup ‘career’, I find myself liking to gravitate towards makeup with a skincare twist on it. This meaning that BB creams are generally perfect for me. I have tried a lot in my lifetime, from regular drugstore stuff to the high end brands, and my favorite by far has been the Garnier Skinactive BB cream.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying this product in its old version as well as the new. In fact, I was a big user with the old formula but trying the new one, I loved it even more and was pleasantly surprised.

And while I did like the old formula, I feel that the new is a significantly improved version of the old one, with a liquid texture, fuller buildable coverage, water-proof, no fragrance, SPF 20 and non-oxidizing. It really is like a super lightweight foundation but one that also does something for the skin. The best way to put it is that it seems to provide serious high-end pay off for a pretty drugstore price (usually retailing for around $15).

Although this is meant to help out people with combo/oily skin, I still feel like it gives a nice dewy finish (not something all people with oily skin strive for), however depending on if you choose to use a primer and what kind of primer before application, it also changes the effect of the product. The only drawback for this BB cream is that it does unfortunately settle into fine lines no matter what you use with it. I’ve used it with smoothing primers and blur sticks, sadly all my efforts were for naught and there is still a slight gathering of product which you can see in my smile lines. If fine lines are not a problem for you, then in my opinion this cream is 100% for you, because otherwise anyone should love this with how it goes on and wears.


You can see this product in its full effect in the image because prior to taking the picture I did go swimming and my little sister successfully splashed me all over -> causing me lots of stress that it ruined the makeup 😦

In addition, there is also a formula specially for dry skin that also has some anti-aging properties. My advice is: in terms of BB cream, stay away from high-end brands because I’ve tried lots, but none have been as good as this one and give such a great coverage being so inexpensive and also good for you.

P.S. I got a great question in the comments asking what would make this product apply evenly, and my suggestion is since its so liquidy, use a brush like a flat kabuki (I use Sigma F80) which will help it spread super nice and then blending it out with a beauty blender. Also check out her blog because its so good!!


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  1. Hey thanks so much for your feedback, my advice is try applying it with a flat kabuki brush (like the Sigma F80) because I find that makes it spread so nicely and evenly, and then smooth our with a beauty blender if needed.

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