My Top 5 Eye Liners

I am a die-hard liner fan. If I could have only one makeup look for the rest of my life, without second thought it would be winged eye liner. So you best believe that when it comes to my eyeliner, I take it very seriously and have tried a bunch. Here is a compilation of my top 5 favorites in order to achieve a winged cat-eye look!

1. Nyx Collection Noir Liquid liner ($7)

Surprisingly enough, although this is a drugstore product it is my absolute favorite and I feel like despite everything I tried afterwards, nothing will truly compare to this. The little brush at the end makes for highly precise application and the actual formula of the liquid liner is pretty opaque which is what I strive for. Overall, I’d say it wears well too and is fairly water-proof.nyx liner

2. Lancôme Artliner ($30.50)

My second favorite is a way pricier liner that I got as a gift and although I didn’t expect to love it, I do. The reason for my skepticism is because I’ve tried many felt tip liners and although they are said to be great for beginners and are supposedly easy to use, I found them pretty imprecise. However, this one moves really well and does deliver a good line, my only issue is that is wears off super easy. Another issue that I find is something if the little felt tip isn’t soaked in the product, it will erase the line you already drew. So its very easy to mess up because it does get erased quick and is not artliner

3. MAC Liquidlast Liner ($21)

Again, another great liner I got as a gift, and while I feel this should be the most professional choice, I can’t say its been my favorite to use. Its certainly long-lasting, but the formula is less liquidy and has a thicker consistency. I find it a bit difficult to apply and not as precise as the Nyx liner I listed at the very top. My biggest complaint about this liner is that because it is so thick, first of all its hard to fix mistakes since nothing will take it off except some serious bi-phase makeup remover, but also because of thickness once it gets on your lashes it is impossible to take it off and it creates a clumped effect. I get that this is one heavy-duty liner but I don’t think it needs to feel so thick.mac liner

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Crème Color ($18)

This is a recently acquired liner for me and I bought it because I used to love the MAC gel liner and wanted to revamp my old look. I gotta say, this is also super heavy duty ad doesn’t budge at all. The only thing I have to say is because it is a gel, it seems like you can’t have that much control over the product,  but generally I’m usually pretty happy with the results. Its not as expensive as most other high end gel liners that I checked out but its still really good, creamy and applies evenly.abh liner

5. Kat von D Tattoo Liner ($20)

I’m going to say this is a great liner especially for beginners who are only starting to master liner. The little brush-tip marker is very easy to use and pretty clean. The formula is long-lasting but not entirely smudge/water-proof. Personally, my biggest concern with this is that the formula of the liner itself isn’t what I’d like it to be. Even though I shake it well, it still comes off slightly transparent. Since I strive for a sharp and vivid lined look, the pigmentation on this product doesn’t exactly cut for me.Kat-Von-D-Tattoo-Liner-Cover



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