Tatcha Best Sellers Review

Hello lovelies!! I finally went ahead and purchased the Tatcha best-sellers trial box from Sephora ($60) and I wanted to review the products as well as what I feel is the best way to purchase high-end makeup/skincare. I’ve wanted to try the brand for a while now and I’m glad I have, especially in the manner that I chose to try it.

A bit about the brand

Tatcha is a fairly new brand that joined the Sephora skincare family and its peaked my curiosity for a few years. Of course, reading the price tag on most of the products is what scared me off from going in and investing, most of the products are around $65 so you can imagine my fear and doubt wondering if this truly works.

Now, one of the reasons why I was so anxious to try this brand was because some years ago I had a fascination with geishas. The whole concept seemed so cool and after reading Memoirs of a Geisha and then watching the movie, its no wonder I got super into them and their beauty rituals. Tatcha markets itself to be the most classic Japanese beauty brand who is supposed to be rooted very deep in geisha makeup practices, hence the rice bran ingredients and the camellia oil and the seaweed extract. This is perhaps the greatest reason why I was so excited, but again wary.

Lets check out the products included in the set…

Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

one-step-camellia-cleansing-oil.jpgFollowing in that Japanese beauty tradition, rather than having a foaming gel cleanser like most people are accustomed to in the west, this brand might actually have been one of the first to have cleansing oil and make it trendy here. Like any oil, this one is great at removing makeup and buildup as well as being super gentle on the skin. It is pretty easy to wash off with water to not leave any oily residue. Personally, while it left my skin really nice and supple at first, I wouldn’t purchase the full size because it just seems unnecessary. Plus, having combo skin makes it pretty useless because the oil cleanser feels almost like it adds to my oiliness. Maybe for those who have dry skin, this would be a nice product to try…but for $65 I think you can find a plethora of cheaper options that will work just fine to ‘deep clean’ and remove makeup. This is a super luxury and pricy cleanser that works just fine. For $65 it better be removing every bad thing that’s in my pores.

Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

rice powderThis product is what I believe truly set the brand apart from any other. Again, according to Japanese beauty, geishas used to exfoliate their skin with powdered rice which according to the title is supposed to leave skin feeling really nice and polished. Though this is the classic one, they have a few other choices for different concerns but I would imagine they all work pretty similarly. In my semi-professional opinion, this product is basically a sham made to sound good and revolutionary. I’ve been using it for the past few days everyday and there is absolutely no real result. The exfoliation is barely there, not to mention the actual use of this product is a bit hard to grasp. You’re supposed to mix the powder with a bit of water, lather it up and apply it to the face and its so hard to find the right balance between water and powder. Again, with the mild exfoliation it hardly makes any real difference. While the concept is kind of cool and you get to feel “like a geisha”, if you’re expecting it to get the job done, it won’t.

The Water Cream

water cream.jpgI’ve been eyeing this one for a while and reading up on it, generally speaking I like the idea of it. The ingredients are super natural, some good antioxidants included in fairly good amounts, therefore I can honestly say I like this product. Its got good hydration and a very light texture that almost melts into the skin upon application. Again, I would say this one’s a bit better for dry/normal skin types. For people like myself who notice having way more oil and shine especially during summertime, I would recommend going for something not as hydrating, I actually really want to check out Tatcha’s Balanced Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer because it is also supposed to have good-for-you ingredients and maybe it will work better for my skin type. I’ll keep this one in store for when fall hits and my skin will be somewhat more normalized (needing that extra bit of hydration).

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

tatcha-luminous-dewy-skin-mist-mecca-cosmetica-229918-1500351077003-main.640x0cNow this is truly the product of the hour and according to critics and users, the best product they released. Tatcha proclaims this to be a skin mist that is supposed to work equally as well under makeup as over it to give you a beautiful, healthy glow. So from that we understand, it is supposed to be a refreshing, slightly hydrating spray that is also supposed to work similar to a setting spray. I’ve purchased this product this past spring and actually ended up taking it back. I personally don’t have anything against the product, it works fine but losing $65 for a light hydrating spray really didn’t seem worth it. I can’t say that it made my skin any more radiant or melt my makeup together. Some people and beauty gurus love it and its their holy grail, I was looking forward to it but unfortunately it didn’t cut out. Now, I find that its a bit too oily for me so again, not something I would purchase the full-size for but hey, maybe it’ll grow on me.

Grand Takeaway 

After trying out all of the products, my opinion is that this is a brand that is basically a novelty; the packaging is gorgeous, the products like the rice enzyme powder sound appealing and exotic, but nothing is truly cutting edge and nothing is really worth the price tag. This is definitely a brand that dry skin types should consider looking into because it is very hydrating while still being light-weight, then again I also believe there are cheaper, equally good alternatives. Though I commend the brand on using decent ingredients and minimal fragrance in the products, I’m glad I didn’t purchase anything full-size because I think I would expect more from it, get disappointed and then return it. Which brings me to my next point…

Many of us I’m sure get intrigued by high-end skincare, but just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it will be the greatest thing for your skin. Even though as many of you can tell I’m not crazy about the products, I am super content with the experience I had because I got to try everything, I know which products I like and will consider purchasing the full size of, and I know which ones weren’t really worth the hype. Plus, for $60 to try all 4 products which for me will last about a month, I can’t complain. From now on, I will try high-end brands only in sets where I can test the whole regimen rather than taking my chances and stressing out about the product not really being that great.


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