IT Cosmetics CC+ Eye Concealer Review

IT Cosmetics, although a new player in the beauty world, earned itself a very good name for creating high-coverage products and often with a skincare/anti-aging twist. Hearing how full-coverage their products are, being able to cover rosacea, and any discoloration to produce a perfect even finish skin tone, I decided that this is the perfect brand to try concealer from. I can’t say that I have terrible under-eye circles but to create that perfect flawless look, something full coverage is what I was looking for.

Great things were said to me about the Bye Bye Under-Eye Concealer but I thought maybe this would be too thick for me and instead I tried the above featured CC+ Eye concealer (retailing for $29 in Ulta). This is promised to be a medium-full coverage concealer with SPF 50 that is great for covering under-eye circles as well as having tons of anti-aging ingredients that are supposed to be good for you. Trying it in store, under that harsh full flash lighting, I though this was one of the best concealers I’ve seen, it looked natural but well-covering, it didn’t crease or cake, overall it seemed the best…but I think I spoke too soon.

My General Thoughts

I give products plenty of chance to show themselves in the best light, even adjusting my skincare routine so that the concealer sits perfectly. Unfortunately, this product separates and moves way too much. It is very hydrating but the coverage isn’t as good as I felt it was before, the overall quality was just alright. What I hated most in this product was because this is said to be an “illuminating” concealer as well, they put some light reflecting pigments in it too so it basically makes you look like you have glitter under your eyes. This is something I don’t prefer, nor does anyone else I could imagine.

Doing some further research on the product, IT Cosmetics included a lot of citrus extract into this. probably to boost brightness (hence a citrusy fragrance) which unfortunately can be irritating to some. I wasn’t bothered by this, but I still want my readers to know and be cautious in case they were wondering about this product.

Some other complaints that go out to the brand as a whole is while I’ve tried other IT concealer openconcealers from them and did like them, they have the stupidest design for the concealers that are messy and inconvenient to use. This one has one of those tube eye cream metal ends meant to cool and lift the under eye area, which I guess is good for an under-eye cream but I don’t think this is at all beneficial for a cosmetic product where application matters way more. The Bye-Bye Under Eye concealer just has a squeeze tube which you’re supposed to squeeze on your finger or brush which is a huge let down since the product is great but now is a mess to use. Another thing I don’t like about their company is that the products are made in China. For some of these things I don’t really care, but seeing as this goes so close to my eyes and I’m sorry I really can’t know the quality and conditions the products are being prepared in, it makes me very wary of the safety of this product. Most brands manufacture their products in other parts of the world and I would just first like to know if the factories and everything are safe and regulated. Those are just a few thoughts on how IT Cosmetics could improve their game.

Thanks so much for reading, I returned this product and exchanged it for Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer so stay tuned to hear my reviews and thoughts on that new cult classic.


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