Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum Review

Hello lovelies!! This isn’t a product I would typically review because it is sooo out of my budget range, but my mom and I shared it for a bit, both came to the same conclusion and we are actually planning to return it. I just figured I might as well give you a quick review before I take it back.

So Guerlain is a super luxury high-end brand, they’re well known for their Météorites makeup and skincare line. My mom actually really liked their serum from that line and wanted to repurchase it, however when she went they stopped carrying it at Bloomingdales so instead she got it from this Super Aqua line.

The Thoughts

For a whopping $180 you best believe I and anyone else would expect this to be the greatest thing on earth. Much to my disappointment, often times price point doesn’t directly correlate with quality and this is certainly one of those cases. You can tell this is a luxury product from the bottle it comes in and the heavenly smell, but at the end of the day, these trivialities don’t nearly matter as much as the actual function of the product.

According to the description, this is a hydrating serum that is supposed to restore skin hydration and act as a protective barrier to shield skin against aggressors, as well as plumping wrinkles so your skin is supposed to be left smooth and rejuvenated. While they made it sound like something out of this world and working amazingly, to me its a big heap of nothing. If you already have signs of aging, like fine lines, no amount of hydration is helping to get rid of those already visible signs. I know, because I have smile lines and the only thing that’s been helping to smooth those out is the retinol treatment I’m using. Don’t get me wrong, proper hydration can definitely help against future signs of aging, but it won’t make such a big difference. And if hydration is all that matters then you could do just as well with a drugstore product that is also supposed to give deep hydration.

My mom is 42 years old, she’s got pretty good skin with no deep lines, and she is on the drier side. After using this product for a few weeks, she noticed her skin was irritated and she developed some blemishes. All of the things she was promised with wrinkles being plumped and what have you she did not witness.

My personal opinion on the product is that it is very hydrating, at least if you have oily/combo skin like myself you won’t like this product but if you have dry skin this would probably work better for you. I didn’t develop pimples from this, but I did get more clogged pores and black heads which all makes sense if we continue to look at the ingredients…


I have been burnt by high-end luxury skincare so many times I honestly don’t know why I keep trying and believing them, probably because I’m very naïve. I’ve tried brands as hoity toity as La Mer and Chanel and you would think being so expensive and charging $150+ for creams, they would have some amazing ingredients in there that would actually be good for you. WRONG!! I honestly think that what these brands do is they more so make you believe in the product because of the name, the price tag, and the fragrance. Reading the ingredients list, there will never be some super rare and pricy ingredient that is truly good for you, its all the same stuff you can find in just about any product that is for a far less price point.

In this particular serum, the first half of the listed ingredients (listed in order of concentration) are pretty much all chemicals. Fragrance falls in 22nd, however when you apply the product rather than having some soft lingering scent, this feels like a full on heavy perfume. Which is likely why my mother got the irritation because that is one strong fragrance they got.

Another thing that bothers me about the ingredients is the beeswax which falls sixth in the list. Wax in general is a really bad ingredient especially for those with oily skin. It tends to block pores and create more buildup which obviously is unwanted for anyone. Therefore, I would say there is almost nothing good in this serum. It is 100% not worth the money and next time I hope my mother will also do more research before going out on a limb and buying such a pricy product with pretty much no basis.


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