Friends From College Series Review

I know this is totally not my field of expertise, this is a beauty blog not a film/TV blog but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the new Netflix original series called Friends from College that I recently finished. I guess I just found the show so stupidly appalling that I wanted to share somewhere.

Obviously spoilers!!

I’m really not entirely sure what this show wanted to establish and prove. Here in America, we have a very glorifying view of college and many people that I’ve met said they’d literally give up their current life (spouse, children, everything), to go back to their college days for even just a week. Pretty much, the main friend group which we follow here is those people exactly. They all have their own lives and families but occasionally they meet up and wreak havoc on their new lives all for the false sense of reliving their youth. Ironically, according to the significant others of the friends, it turns into a shitshow every time they get together because their interactions are part showing off and one-upping their friends and the part having a problem with letting go of their younger years.

To me this is such a troubling mentality and I wish people would just grow up. I know aging is no fun but come on, you can never go back to your younger years and the sooner you come to grips with that, the better off you’ll be. Not to mention they ruin their family lives and hurt their spouses because of this selfish obsession of staying forever in college.

This is clearly a comedy series and while hiring definitely good actors, like Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Savage and Nat Faxon, the way the show was written gets really stale really quick especially from using the same jokes and same humor to try and keep it afloat. An example of this is poking fun at Twilight and other young-adult literature and showing just how frustrating it is that they pull in all that revenue. While funny to an extent and frustrating, this really is old news. Mentioning it now, years after everyone forgot the Twilight trilogy, its just silly. Another sad attempt at making this mess funny is repeatedly making Key’s character Ethan do stupid voices and impersonations whenever he’s anxious. According to both the other characters and the audience, its annoying and out of place. It makes sense that Key does it in his skits during the “Key and Peele” series because he is impersonating different types of people there. But here, where he is supposed to play one character it just makes zero sense why he resorts to that kind of thing. Maybe the first time its funny, but seeing as he does this every damn time, you really do get tired.

The last and worst offense of this show is giving the viewers extreme cringe-worthy second-hand embarrassment for the stupidity of the characters. Rather than using real comedy that is funny and interesting, they put the characters in stupid situations that aren’t funny and a three year old could have thought of.


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  1. I can see where you are coming from with this review.

    I totally agree with you that society, particularly American society, glorifies the college days. These characters definitely are self-destructive and are preventing themselves from growing up and finding happiness due to their blinding obsession with making bad choices.

    However, I really enjoyed the show because of it. I wouldn’t want to be friends with any of these people in real life, but I found the show comical and their bad choices is what made the program ridiculous in an entertaining way.

    My opinion is that the show wasn’t trying to in anyway glorify these characters or their life choices. I felt they took an attitude that, hey, here our a group of six college friends who refuse to grow up and are a bunch of idiots, no one likes these people but their self-destructive behaviour is hilarious to watch.

    I’ve noticed that whether it be a film, tv, or book character- a lot of reviews focus on how ‘likeable’ a character is. In my opinion, I have never needed to ‘like’ or root for a character in order to enjoy the premise.


  2. I don’t know…my opinion because it is a comedy is of course these people aren’t going to be 100% likable but the humor here is moreso second hand embarrassment than actual comedy. I feel like that was their flaw, as well as normalizing that obsession with college. Of course characters don’t always need to be likable, there’s ample times that books and movies and tv shows have anti-heroes like professor Humbert in Lolita or even Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street. But to me, the way they went about the show is wrong. As I stated, it isn’t the actors’ faults. They’re all incredibly talented comedians just for some reason in this particular show it didn’t work out.
    But thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your input


  3. No problem! I think you explain your point of view about this show in one of the most concise ways I have read about.

    I certainly am one of the few who have enjoyed this show, don’t have much faith that it will get renewed for a second season based on the general public perception XD


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