Drunk Elephant Peekee and Juju Cleansing Bars Review

Yet again, another brand that I’ve been dying to get my hands on but I’ve just been too afraid to because of the intimidating price point is Drunk Elephant. This brand is also fairly new to the Sephora collection of skincare but so far it has been enjoying a lot of good responses. Seeing as I am perpetually in the search of a good cleanser, I decided to check out theirs (also because its usually the cheapest product a skincare line has) and I was pleasantly surprised by all the raving reviews about their facial cleansing bars called Peekee and Juju. I did purchase these two as a travel size duo which I absolutely love because I got the best of both worlds (rather than racking my brain to decide which one is more suitable for me) plus for a really affordable price; $18 for two rather than $28 for one full size.

Without further ado, lets get started on the review shall we?

Peekee Bar

Reading up online, this appears to be the one more suitable for all skin types. This white bar once activated with a little water gives off a very gentle, milky texture that once you start to massage onto the skin actually feels very soft and almost hydrating. Initially, after first rinsing it off my skin does feel softer and hydrated however that feeling does fade after some minutes and my skin tends to feel slightly dry and tight, needing more moisture. Overall, this is targeted to help all skin types to balance the skin and tone it which I can vouch for. While I did like this one and how it felt on the skin, I think dry skin types will be able to appreciate this much better. As for the ingredients, blueberry extract and honey are very power anti-inflammatory agents for the skin that help soothe and the rest of the ingredients included in this bar are also very natural and nothing really negative that could potentially harm the skin. Really good job on this one D.E.!!

Juju Bar

This gray bar is tailored to better suit oily/combination skin types to help cleanse the skin of impurities. Activating it with water, it right away produces more suds and it does have what is said to be a mild exfoliation but to me it feels a bit more serious than mild. I think this is the bar that is more perfect for me because I do have oilier skin as well as some blemishes and I feel like this bar helps get rid of and stabilize my skin way more than the other one. The ingredients in this bar are a clay which is supposed to help heal the skin, bamboo powder which gives that exfoliating grit, and a super food blend to help heal the blemishes and acting up for the skin. I think this certainly helped get rid of my blemishes and continued use would surely make things better. Again, I love how natural everything is here and I like how I see these natural ingredients working to improve my skin. While I adore how soft and nurturing the Peekee bar feels on my skin (as opposed to the grit from this bar), I find that it gives way more of a result so I think that once I use it up this is the bar I’d repurchase even the full size from.

Overall, I’m super stoked about these cleansers, I think both are great and its wonderful that there are options for different skin types. The only thing is I find that bar cleansers are in a sense harder to use because you’re not supposed to apply them directly to the skin but whatevuh…sometimes you just have to struggle for these good products to work for you.


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  1. Great review! I never really knew what the two difference were until your review. I think I’m going to look into trying their Peekee Bar as I’ve got severely sensitive skin (: Thanks for sharing!


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