In sign of my gratitude, I would first like to say thank you for stopping by and showing interest! Brought to you are honest beauty reviews. This is absolutely unsponsored content, I have close personal experience with brands such as philosophy and Murad while working in them, as well as infinite curiosity and interest in trying new stuff, new brands, new makeup, new skin products. I’ll be leaving reviews here of things I’ve tried, how they worked for me.

I’m just here to help, don’t take what I say as godsend because after all skin types and preferences are different, but I’m also here to explain product usage and how its beneficial to you or maybe not very beneficial, because nasty chemicals are nasty for everyone and as soon as I found out about the contents, I hastily tried to cut usage, and this is my small contribution to the world. I’ll also recommend who might like these products and who wants to stay away. So enjoy, and if you like the style of this and my opinions on stuff, definitely comment requested items to review, I will even go out and purchase them just so you will know how I liked them.

Well, let’s get started!


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