My Ipsy Experience

As many of you know, subscription boxes have been all the rage recently. There's literally one for anything and anyone, regardless of what your interest is. But the most popular kind are the beauty subscription boxes where you pay a certain fee per month and get sent beauty stuff monthly. I have only experienced Ipsy... Continue Reading →


What Fragrance-Free Did for Me

As I've been dabbling more and more in skincare, it has finally dawned on me what was the one skincare faux-pas that was the main culprit in my skincare woes. And it was...using products with fragrance!! Believe me, I am no stranger to the awesome feeling you get when opening a jar of moisturizer or... Continue Reading →

Project 111/Project Pan

The beauty community is one of the fastest growing communities, the makeup industry grew a whole 6% since 2016. And while it is such a beautiful, fun, and uniting pastime and community, I think that in a sense the marketing teams took that love for makeup to make money off of us by using beauty... Continue Reading →

How to Win at Beauty Shopping

For many, shopping for beauty supplies is a joyous occasion, but the one part of it that isn't joyous? Checking your bank statement after you've gone shopping. But, fear not! Because there is a way to outsmart the stores and companies, so you can have your cake and eat it too. Stay tuned for my... Continue Reading →

Renewed Hope in a Jar Moisturizer | Review

To so many people, this item is a skincare staple, and ironically though I've worked with the company for so long, a few initial bad experiences really kept me away from this product until recently. Based on philosophy's original best selling Hope in a Jar moisturizer, the Renewed version features glycolic acid to renew and brighten the skin... Continue Reading →

Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum Review

Hello lovelies!! This isn't a product I would typically review because it is sooo out of my budget range, but my mom and I shared it for a bit, both came to the same conclusion and we are actually planning to return it. I just figured I might as well give you a quick review before... Continue Reading →

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